27 Female Celebrities and What they REALLY Weigh!

27 Female Celebrities And What They Really Weigh


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Radar Online has put together a list of the SUPPOSED real weights and heights of female celebrities.  Some of these are legit, because they were given out by the women themselves.  How they came up with the rest, who knows . . .

Mila Kunis,  115 pounds and 5-foot-2

Kim Kardashian,  117 pounds and 5-foot-2

Khloe Kardashian,  165 to 170 pounds and 5-foot-9

Kourtney Kardashian,  95 pounds and 5 feet even

Adele,  197 pounds and 5-foot-9

Blake Lively,  130 pounds and 5-foot-10

Rihanna,  137 pounds and 5-foot-8

LeAnn Rimes,  113 pounds and 5-foot-5

Lady Gaga,  107 pounds and 5-foot-1

Hayden Panettiere,  117 pounds and 5-foot-2

Taylor Swift,  120 to 125 pounds and 5-foot-10

Angelina Jolie,  130 pounds and 5-foot-7

Jessica Alba,  118 pounds and 5-foot-5

Mary-Kate Olsen,  95 pounds and 5-foot-2

Olivia Wilde,  123 to 127 pounds and 5-foot-7

Sofia Vergara,  125 pounds and 5-foot-7

Lea Michele,  113 pounds and 5-foot-2

Selena Gomez,  125 pounds and 5-foot-5

Katy Perry,  130 pounds and 5-foot-8

Britney Spears,  125 pounds and 5-foot-4

Jennifer Hudson,  127 pounds and 5-foot-9

Christina Aguilera,  128 pounds and 5-foot-2

Zoe Saldana,  115 pounds and 5-foot-7

Beyoncé,  130 pounds and 5-foot-7

Nicki Minaj,  140 pounds and 5-foot-4

Ali Lohan,  98 pounds and 5-foot-9

Amanda Bynes,  114 pounds and 5-foot-8

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