Niall Horan Teases Fans With New Music On Tik Tok

Photo: Getty Images

Niall Horan has become the most recent artist to take to Tik Tok to preview new music. In a video posted earlier today the former One Direction singer teased a new song, performing part of the tune on an acoustic guitar accompanied by the lyrics. In the description of the video he also makes it extremely clear what he's doing by attaching a #newmusic.

Despite the fact that he is performing a new song, most of the fans in the comments chose to focus on his outfit, repeatedly gawking at the return of "frat Niall" signified by his backward hat and tennis shoes. The video also teases a potential title for the song "Heaven" and there's actually quite a lot you can glean from it despite the video being just 20 seconds long.

Anticipation for Niall Horan's third album has been growing as he's re-released songs from his first two albums in Spotify streaming collections in the past two months. It's been three years since Horan released his sophomore album Heartbreak Weather in 2020 but he hasn't been entirely quiet since. He made guest appearances on Ashe's hit song "Moral Of The Story" in 2022 and Anne-Marie's "Our Song" in 2021.

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