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Russian Tank Captured By Ukraine Mysteriously Appears At US Truck Stop

Abrams Tank Training in Poland's Nowa Deba

Photo: Getty Images

A Russian T-90A tank, which open source intelligence trackers claim was previously captured by Ukraine, was mysteriously spotted at a Louisiana truck stop recently.

Photos shared on Reddit by user 'Mutantlight' showed the tank parked outside a Peto's Travel Center and Casino off U.S. Interstate 10 in Roanoke. The Redditor and a Peto's employee both later shared photos with The War Zone.

The tank was reported by OSINT trackers to have been hauled by a trailer that broke down and pulled into the truck stop. T-90As were was first used two decades ago and considered modern by Russian standards, which makes the tank's presence in Louisiana even more strange.

“I’ve been here seven years,” Valerie Mott, an assistant manager at the Peto's Travel Center truck stop, told The War Zone Thursday (April 13) morning. “I’ve never seen [a tank] here before.”

“The transmission went out on the truck that was hauling this big old trailer,” added manager Cody Sellers.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his country would conduct military operations in Eastern Ukraine during an NBC News translation of a speech addressing the Russian population in Moscow on February 24, 2022. The announcement served as the final action ahead of an attack by the Russian military, which the U.S. and European allies to the neighboring Ukraine have attempted to prevent from taking place through diplomatic discussions.

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