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Airbnb Announces A Permanent Ban On Parties

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Airbnb said that it was permanently banning parties at its properties worldwide, nearly two years after the home-sharing service issued a temporary restriction on large gatherings.

“The temporary ban has proved effective,” the company said in a statement on Tuesday, adding that “we are officially codifying the ban as our policy.” The permanent ban went into effect that day.

The company believes the ban has worked, saying Tuesday that reports of parties at listed properties have dropped 44% from a year ago.

More than 6,600 guests were suspended last year for related violations, Airbnb said.

The number of parties at Airbnb locations increased during the pandemic, Airbnb said, as people moved gatherings from bars and clubs to rented homes. That led to a temporary ban in 2020.

While making the ban permanent, Airbnb said it will lift a limit of 16 people at rented properties. It said the cap was prompted by health concerns before vaccines against COVID-19 were available.

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