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Football in Minnesota is BACK!?

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Hear me out here...


We have said it for how many years in Minnesota? Or, the other saying... "There's Always Next Year!"

BUT, what if we we right last year when we said that about THIS YEAR.

Both the Gophers AND the Vikings are UNDEFEATED (it's 1:57PM Monday 9/19 when this article is being compiled, Vikings play Monday night football later tonight. Hope they're still undefeated in 12 hours from now.)

Gophers looked AMAZING this past weekend and improved to 3-0 on the young season. At Michigan State and FAVORITES to win that game is a good sign that 4-0 is a real thought process here.

Vikings looked WAY different last week vs ANYTHING we saw in pre season this year. I know it was a Packers team that doesn't have any options really for Aaron Rodgers to pass to, but it's still Aaron Rodgers, and it's still the Packers and it was a HUGE first win of the season for the Vikings. Can they take that momentum and win on the road tonight for Monday night football in Philly? Anything can happen! If they win, would be HUGE... especially in that environment.

Nonetheless... it still COULD be the YEAR for the Gophers and or the Vikings and let's watch and find out!


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