VIDEO: All Time Low plays "The Voting Game" with elizabethany

All Time Low plays The Voting Game

All Time Low plays The Voting Game

The Voting Game is very fun and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to tease their friends/throw them under the bus, etc. I like to play it with groups who come in/do an interview to show us a little more about who they are and their relationships together.

What I learned in playing with Alex of All Time Low is that he's very kind and considerate and was worried about his bandmates not being able to defend themselves... but he also knows a lot about them and did not have to think long about who deserved each card.

Watch below as he nominates-

  • Most likely to be a homewrecker
  • Most likely to be a part of Bachelor Nation
  • Most excited for the high school reunion
  • Most likely to drink their own pee
  • Most incriminating search history
  • and more!

And check out the full interview below if you missed it!