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The Birthday Surprise Special

SwifTEA: Secret Song Predictions for Singapore + Rep Date & Voice Memos

You know we love Taylor Swift’s voice memos.. Ana even quotes one all the time but today, we share voice memos from our listeners! What did our fellow Swifties have to say? We get to that…

PLUS, song predictions for Singapore after a mashup filled weekend in Sydney! Taylor has six shows coming up and we give our predictions for the first half and will reconvene with more guesses next week!

There’s major drama in Sydney that you need to know about! Taylor Swift makes history again, which means that this will be the release date for Reputation!
What’s with all of these 2s? And a tattoo that all Swifties should know about, but a lot of us do not.. What’s so special about the heart anyway?

Nick Adams, Ana Szabo, Amy Nichols and Lacey Gee discuss the latest, the changes and predictions for what’s to come in Singapore!

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This podcast is in no way related to or endorsed by Taylor Swift, her companies, or record labels. All opinions are our own.

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