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The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show

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$1000 In Snacks

Celebrity Gossip Part 1 – Cannibal

A mouse sent Jessica Alba to the hospital and Armie Hammer addressed the claims that he is a cannibal. Hear his perspective next.

Celebrity Gossip Part 2 – Joe Alwyn Speaks!

Joe Alwyn talked about his recent breakup with Taylor Swift in a new interview… Plus, did “Inside Out 2” dominate the weekend box office or are people still not going to the theaters?

Father’s Day Recap

We all had a nice little Father’s Day weekend.

3 Things You Need To Know – Renew Your Passport Online

Ana has a few stories from around the internet that might get a convo started.

Unclaimed Baggage

We’ve been talking about Unclaimed Baggage so much that they sent us a few gifts!

Kellie’s Showbiz Top 5 – Back To Broadway

One Jonas Brother is headed back to Broadway, and Bill Belichick is dating a little younger.

Love Letters To Kellie – Bad Dad

Our Love Expert, Kellie Rasberry, is here to solve your relationship issues!

Tomorrow On The Show

Kevin Costner joined us in the studio, and we will be taking your calls for Does That Make Me Crazy?!  

Happy Birthday Blake Shelton!

We wanna wish Blake Shelton a Happy Birthday, so much so that we decided to call his mother and talk to her. Pray for Aimee, as she has received some not-so-good news from the doctors.

Happy Father's Day Everyone!