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Birthday Parties

Big Al Broke The Soundboard

Big Al is at it again, when he tries to put new sounds on the sound board and deletes the main theme song...

SwifTea: Rumors from Inez (Meet Me Behind the Scenes of Google)

Taylor Swift broke the internet this week with her 1989 vault word search on Google.. We talk to an insider from Google to give us a look behind the scenes to find out what really goes down when Mother tells you to do something.

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This podcast is in no way related to or endorsed by Taylor Swift, her companies, or record labels. All opinions are our own.

Part-Time Justin Overslept

He was in the building, and he was still late for work.

Flush The Format - Sept 22, 2023

We wanna dance our way into the weekend! It’s Flush the Format, baby!

Celebrity Gossip Part 1 - It’s Over For Travis Kelce

Justin Timberlake explained how we ended up with that “It’s Gonna Be May” meme. And there’s a chance that we see Taylor Swift at the Chiefs game this Sunday… Hear Travis Kelce’s latest update next.

Celebrity Gossip Part 2 - Joe Jonas Sued Over Passports

Joe Jonas was sued by his soon to be ex-wife, and Mario Lopez is caught up in a cheating rumor.

Part-Time Justin At Beyoncé!

Justin pulled an all-nighter for Beyonce…

Game Of The Week - Big Brother

Who will get evicted? Who will get blindsided?

Kellie’s Showbiz Top 5 – Sophie Turner Blindsided

Sophie Turner has now sued Joe Jonas over their children, and you can watch Britney Spears in a movie theater very soon.